10 wonderful beauty tips for skin

Your skin is an indicator of how good you feel.

10 wonderful beauty tips for skin

If you and your skin need a little enhancement, try these beauty tips for skin to help give yourself the happiest face possible.

Snack on Citrus
Need a little detoxification? Lemons are great for your liver and kidneys, and there’s a clear bond between healthy organs and healthy skin. Fruits rich in vitamin C like oranges may help prevent wrinkles, too.

Massage in Your Moisturizer
Use gentle pressure, massaging your face cream into your skin in a circular motion. When you wash your face, do the same. This simple trick will improve blood circulation.

Wear Sunscreen
Protecting yourself from sun damage will make you feel better now and later on. Wear at least SPF 15 every day (higher if you’re spending time in strong sun) to help prevent wrinkles, skin cancer, and sunburn.

Eat Chocolate—Seriously!
It is a common statement that chocolate causes acne. But there’s no clear scientific evidence on that topic so far. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants that help protect your skin. Eating a small piece of dark chocolate will transmit all kinds of happy feelings to your brain.

A good workout doesn’t just burn calories; it also helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Hate going to the gym? Just dance for a while, thus getting your blood flowing.

Get Hydrated
Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day is beyond important for your skin—hydration starts from the inside out.

10 wonderful beauty tips for skin 2

Mist Yourself
Among other effective beauty tips for skin, we couldn`t omit misting. Mists feel great on your skin, and they keep it moisturized without “ruining” your makeup! Keep a bottle near you to refresh your skin throughout the day.

Take a Shower
Sometimes the best beauty tips for skin are also the simplest. A warm shower opens up your pores, so it’s the most recommended moment to wash your face.

Have a Glass of Wine
Red wine is full with antioxidants that will help keep your skin healthy and protect against free radicals, so have One(!) glass of wine a day.

Snack on Almonds
Almonds are a good source of omega-3s (“good fats”) and vitamin E, two things that keep your skin cells healthy.

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