4 effective cardio exercises at home

Cardio exercises can be done at home or outside with no equipment.

4 effective cardio exercises at home

Burn calories with these low impact cardio exercises at home.

Among one of the best cardio exercises at home, we can begin with Front Kick Planks.

You work on balance and core strength while raising your heart rate without injuring the joints.
1. Feet together and arms up. Bring the right knee up and kick the leg out.
2. Balancing on the left leg, bring the right leg back behind you; put your hands on the floor.
3. Bring the left foot next to the right into a plank.
4. Step the left leg forward into a lunge; stand up and again kick with the right leg.
5. Switch side and repeat.

Sit and Stand
These simple cardio exercises at home are actually a great way to get the heart rate up without impact.
1. Stand in front of a step and sit down; put your hands next to the hips.
2. Lean back as you extend the legs out in front of you.
3. Bring the feet back in and stand up.
Repeat for 30-60 seconds.

4 effective cardio exercises at home 2

Low Impact Jumping Jacks
These low impact cardio exercises at home are great for getting your heart rate up without having to jump up and down.
1. Step the right foot out to the side as you bring your right arm up and overhead.
2. Foot back in, and then step to the other side with the left foot; the left arm overhead.
3. Alternate sides, moving as quickly as you can, without jumping, and moving your arms backwards and forwards to increase your heart rate.
Repeat for 30-60 seconds.

Straight Leg Kicks
Straight leg kicks are really effective cardio exercises at home. They really get your heart rate up while testing your flexibility and your balance. The main idea is to keep the upper body straight the entire time and try bringing the leg as high as you can.
1. Feet together, both hands straight out to the sides.
2. Raise the right leg. At the same time circle the right arm around and down, as if you’re trying to touch your right toe.
3. Lower and raise the left foot to hip level, touching the toe with the right hand.

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