4 effective home cardio workouts

No time or desire to get to the gym? No problem. You can have home cardio workouts to keep yourself fit without ever leaving your living room.

4 effective home cardio workouts

Your heart is the most important muscle you have. Regular cardio workout helps in increasing the heart rate and flow of blood through the arteries and veins; thus your heart muscles are being strengthened.

30 minutes to one hour of home cardio workouts on a daily basis can help in getting rid of fat and help you get a slimmer waistline and toned legs.

It is not necessary to run to the gym every day to keep yourself fit and healthy. These inexpensive home cardio workouts can be done in your living room or bedroom and helps in toning the body by burning calories.

Jumping Ropes
Jumping rope is one of the most inexpensive home cardio workouts that help in losing up to 220 calories in 20 minutes. It helps in shaping the muscles of the lower body, buttocks, and legs. This is an incredible heart workout as well because it enhances the heart rate and improves cardiovascular health by strengthening the heart muscles.

Spot Jogging
Spot jogging is by far the easiest daily cardio workout that can be practiced in the luxury of your living room if you don’t feel like going to the gym. 30 minutes of spot jogging can burn up to 270 calories and it also helps improving heart health. It tones the leg muscles, and boosts endurance and strength as well.

4 effective home cardio workouts 2

Squat Jumps
Squat Jumps are a primary fat burning plyometric exercise included in almost all high cardio workouts that help in increasing strength. It helps in toning the leg muscles, and promotes the development of lean muscle mass which is also the best way of burning fat.

The pendulum is a less known exercise that can be included in the list of home cardio workouts because it helps in raising the heart rate and promotes faster calorie burn. Although it focuses on the abs, butt and legs, it is beneficial for the upper body as well. Bring your body to a squat position by keeping your feet shoulder width apart and placing both your hands on the waist.

Now, lift the left leg and bend it behind you so that it doesn’t touch the ground and bring your left hand forward so that it touches the tip of the right toes. Hold this position for 10 seconds and return to the starting position, and do the same with the other foot.

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