4 exercises for a thin waist

Find out the best exercises that will make your waist thinner and slender!

4 exercises for a thin waist

Winter is the season when we do not move enough and as a result we get fatter. Performing special exercises for a thin waist we can have a well-defined waist and a flat stomach during winter as well.

If you do not have time to go to the gym, our Unica Sport instructor, Elena Luca, will show you 4 exercises for a thin waist you can do at home if you dream of having a slender waist.

Well- defined thin waist
1. Start the exercise in orthostatic position with legs shoulder-width apart and arms extended sideways, parallel to the ground.
2. Lean the trunk laterally joining hands above head and feel the extension of the waist. Return to starting position and repeat the exercise in the other direction.
Do not hold the breath, inhale through the nose in starting position and exhale through the mouth while leaning. Oxygen is essential if you want to lose weight. Repeat the exercise 20 times alternating directions.

Thin waist and fat-free inner thighs
1. Start the exercise with support on one leg and extend the other at side touching with fingers the floor. Keep one hand on the waist and extend the other overhead.
2. From this position, flex simultaneously the arm and leg, leading the elbow to the thigh. Return to starting position.
This exercise is intended to train abdominal oblique muscles. Perform 10 repetitions in one direction, and then 10 in the other.

4 exercises for a thin waist 2

Flat stomach
1. Start the exercise in lateral position. Extend the arm forward from the mattress, and flex the other behind head. Bend the leg from the mattress, moving the calcaneus to the knee of the other leg. The basin should to be inclined forward.
2. Raise the legs and torso, contracting oblique muscles. Return to starting position.
When the muscles are relaxed, inhale through the nose, and when they are contracted, exhale through the mouth. Repeat the movement 20 times, and then change the other hand, do all 20 repetitions.

Slender waist
1. Start the exercise in lateral position. Extend your hand above the mattress, flex the other behind head. Keep your leg extended from the mat and the other slightly raised. Make sure that the basin is not tilted back.
2. Flex the leg and lift the torso while leaning on your elbow. Lead the elbow of the bent leg to wrist. Form an angle of 90 degrees between thigh and leg. Return to the starting position.
Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Do not hold the breath; the lack of oxygen generates headaches and dizziness. Make 20 moves, and then switch the side. This exercise shapes your waist.

To achieve the desired results, perform these exercises for a thin waist regularly.

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