4 foods that dehydrate you

Below you will find a series of foods that dehydrate you and cause the sensation of thirst – in summer it is better to avoid eating them.

4 foods that dehydrate you

1. Alcohol
It can help you with your thirst at first, but it certainly cannot keep yourself hydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it causes you to go to the toilet more often. And the more you drink, the more you’ll be dehydrated, and the result cannot be other than hangover, with all that it includes: nausea, headache, and feeling of dizziness.

2. Coffee
There have been many debates and opinions over time in terms of coffee and its effect of dehydration. If to draw a line, the conclusion would be the following: a cup a day would not do any harm, but if you are addicted to coffee, you’d better balance your coffee consumption with plenty of water. The reason is the same as in the case of other foods that dehydrate you, such as alcoholic beverages: coffee is diuretic.

4 foods that dehydrate you 2

3. Soy sauce
We all know it is salty, but did you know that if you consume it in large amounts it can kill you? In June 2013, a young man from Virginia was about to die after drinking a litre of soy sauce. Excess salt from the blood kept him in a coma for three days, and only a few days after he got better, his brain began to function normally.

4. Popcorn
Among other foods that dehydrate you is popcorn. A movie at the cinema can leave you as dry as the Sahara desert. And that’s because, as you know already, popcorn has a lot of salt, and because it is more likely that you will be drinking a juice in addition to it.

To properly organize your diet it is important to know the composition and caloric content of the consumed foods.

In addition, when you want to lose weight or to maintain your body weight, you have to be careful at the number of the calories consumed.

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