4 steps on how to stop anxiety attacks

The best path on how to stop anxiety attack is to train yourself to respond to anxiety in calming ways.

4 steps on how to stop anxiety attacks

A panic attack is a condition of adrenaline, which is released into your bloodstream. When you feel fear, a message is sent to the adrenal glands that there is an emergency.

When released into your body, adrenaline from adrenal glands gives you sharp abilities to take action to emergency situations. This emergency reaction causes physical symptoms that many people misunderstand as a heart attack or other severe physical conditions.

Adrenaline makes your heart pump extra blood, both to your muscles and brain.

It takes three minutes for your adrenal glands to fill your body with the adrenaline response. Three minutes only are required for your body to stop the adrenaline reaction. If you know how to stop anxiety attack as soon as they start, the reaction only has to last for three minutes.

Stopping a panic attack is very simple. All you need to do is stop the emergency message from being sent to your adrenal glands.

Learn these four simple steps on how to stop anxiety attack and your panic attack will only last for three minutes.

Step 1. Relax.
Relax by taking slow, deep breaths. Calm yourself by remembering that you are only having a panic attack and that nothing more serious is happening to you.

Step 2. Stop Negative Thinking.
Stop negative thinking by shouting the word “STOP!” really loud inside your head. By shouting the word “STOP” you are interrupting the emergency message that your brain is sending to your adrenal glands.

4 steps on how to stop anxiety attacks 2

Step 3. Use Coping Statements.
Replace the negative thought with a positive one. For example, if you think that you are having a heart attack, then you might be saying something in your head like, “Oh God, I’m having a heart attack!” After you shout the word “STOP!” immediately replace the fear thought with a positive statement that helps you to cope with the situation, such as “I’m only having a panic attack and it will be over in three minutes if I relax”.

Step 4. Accept Your Feelings.
Accepting your feelings is very important. Start by identifying what emotion you are feeling.

Most panic attacks are caused by the sensation of fear. Identify the emotion you are feeling and find the reason that you feel it.

Fear is a positive emotion that reminds you to take care of yourself. Listen to it!

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