5 main foods that ruin your sleep

There are plenty of connections between foods and sleep.

5 main foods that ruin your sleep

What you eat and what you drink can modify your body`s internal clock, and the way you sleep can influence your daily diet routine. In other words, the effect is bilateral.

Here is a list of foods that ruin your sleep:

Coffee is one the worst foods that ruin your sleep. We no longer need to explain why you should not drink coffee in the evening. However, nutritionists insist upon the fact that it is not recommended to drink coffee in the afternoon if you really want a deep and restful sleep. Caffeine may remain in the body for hours, so you should be very careful. Instead, if you feel the need to drink something warm in the afternoon or evening, tea is an excellent choice.

Even if you avoid coffee or energy drinks in the evening, you might sabotage your sleeping routine with chocolate. We know that it’s mostly a well-deserved reward, but chocolate also contains caffeine – in small amounts, obviously, but enough to ruin your sleep.

5 main foods that ruin your sleep 2

Even if you are likely to want to take a nap after a glass of wine and you will sleep very well, alcohol affects the deeper stages of sleep, which are very important for memory and thinking. You will wake up the next day tired and agitated because of the strange dreams during the night. Yes, alcohol is the main culprit in this case, being considered one of the foods that ruin your sleep for good reasons.

Fatty food
They are bad for both heart and sleep. Fats are guilty of daytime drowsiness and the interrupted sleep during the night.

The human body is not designed to digest food when it sleeps. It takes some time for the meat to be digested. If you eat it in the evenings, it is more likely that you will not have a good night sleep, since your body is not ready to sleep yet. So try to avoid these foods that ruin your sleep, as well.

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