6 effective hair removal methods

Since hair removal is part of your regular beauty routine, you might use various methods on different parts of your face and body.

6 effective hair removal methods

You might even opt for permanent hair removal methods.

There are many options, so you can try different ways to make your skin soft and silky.

Action: Using tweezers, you pull out individual hairs by the root. Use alcohol to clean tweezers before and after each use to reduce your chance of infection.
Best for: Small areas of the face
How long it lasts: 3-8 weeks
Possible side effects: If hair breaks off, it could grow back under the skin.

Action: You cut the hair very close to the skin by using a razor. Wet your skin and use soap or shaving cream. Use razor in the direction your hair growth. Remember to periodically replace your blade.
Best for: It works anywhere.
How long it lasts: 1-3 days
Possible side effects: Burrowing hairs, particularly in the bikini area

Action: Spread sticky warm wax on your skin, then apply cloth strips. Once the wax dries, the strips are rapidly pulled off, removing the hair with them.
Best for: It works anywhere
How long it lasts: 3-6 weeks
Possible side effects: Redness

Laser hair removal
How it works: The roots are destroyed with strong beams of light. It is one of the most efficient long-term hair removal methods.

6 effective hair removal methods 2

Best for: Laser works anywhere on the body. It is the best option for women who have dark hair and light skin.
How long it lasts: You may need between 6-12 treatments to see results.
Possible side effects: Redness

How it works: A tiny needle is placed inside each hair follicle to destroy the root with an electric current.
Best for: Because it takes a long time, it’s recommended for small areas. Women with light skin may see results from electrolysis.
How long it lasts: You might need electrolysis every 1-2 weeks until your hair is mostly gone.
Possible side effects: Redness, swelling

Depilatory cream
How it works: This hair removal option “melts” proteins that form your hair.
Best for: Legs, underarms, and bikini area.
How long it lasts: Several days

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