6 simple tips to a longer life

Better living conditions, a proper medical care, hygiene compliance, or increased attention towards you – these are just a few factors and tips to a longer life.

6 simple tips to a longer life

Discover below a few tricks that can help you to overcome the age limit and live a healthier and happier life.

Tip 1: Make more time for yourself
When stress reaches higher levels, you will face a decrease of your body’s ability to fight against factors which declines and endangers it. Try as often as possible to put aside daily worries and allow you some time to relax. You can go to the spa, shopping or even can start exercising. No matter what you choose, such activities can restore your wellbeing and increase your life expectancy.

Tip 2: Quit smoking
Smoking can cause a variety of illnesses, including lung and laryngeal cancer, heart disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. And the more you smoke, the more the mortality risk increases. So if you decide to use these tips to a longer life and to give up smoking before you reach the age of 40, you have the chance to lower the risk of death.

Tip 3: Opt for a quality sex
Several studies have linked the quality of sex to an increased life expectancy. The higher the frequency of sexual intercourses, the lower the risk of premature death is. It has been proved that 30 minutes of sex not only help burn 150 calories, but it also is a very good agent against anxiety and stress, improving your sleep quality.

6 simple tips to a longer life 2

Tip 4: Meditate
Usually meditation techniques can bring 12 additional years to elderly people. Studies show that people who do relaxation exercises have a reduced risk to have myocardial infarction, 55% less malignant tumours, and 87% less nerve disorders. In this context, opt for meditation, yoga, and tai chi, as the best relaxation tips to a longer life.

Tip 5: Get a pet
Pets help you relax and give you a feeling of well being. It has been demonstrated that people who own pets are less depressed, and the calming effects provided by animals are likely to improve your blood pressure values. It was estimated that people who walk their dogs daily have a 7-year higher life expectancy.

Tip 6: Stay optimistic
Researchers noted that, if compared to pessimists, optimists have a reduced level of premature death (by 50%).

Therefore, start smiling now! This attitude reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and can help you keep your health in shape for longer.

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