6 tips for an effective weight loss

Most of us are genetically pre-programmed to be work-lazy and food-greedy.

6 tips for an effective weight loss

Maintaining normal weight is a huge challenge for anyone, while an effective weight loss routine can be a lifelong fight against human nature itself.

However, an effective weight loss is really achievable. In this context, look for the following tips to get the desired silhouette and stay healthy:

An effective weight loss diet must contain less energy than you expend throughout the day. Anytime you notice that you begin gaining weight, it simply means that you are consuming more calories than your body can expend on energy and structural metabolism.

A proper weight loss diet must be balanced. The most effective solution for an effective weight loss contains all the nutrient groups (fats, carbohydrates, and protein) in balanced proportions, just as much as your body needs for a proper functioning.

6 tips for an effective weight loss 2

An effective weight loss diet must reduce your appetite and hunger; otherwise you will not be able to stick with it much longer than a few weeks. Both appetite and hunger are controlled in part by primal instincts and unconditional reflexes; by reducing them, you should opt for foods that are quick and simple to digest, and that do not adversely influence the immune, endocrine, and nervous systems.

To maintain a high rate of energy metabolism, you must stabilize your thyroid function and control anaemia. An early stage hypothyroidism deprives your body of energy, and slows down or even stops weight loss. Elimination and control of anaemia is an equally important condition for sustained weight loss. If your blood cannot carry oxygen effectively, your energy levels go down, leading to gaining weight.

An effective weight loss diet must prevent under-nutrition of critical nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, essential amino and fatty acids, and microelements. A deficiency of these nutrients slows down energy and structural metabolism.

A no-fail diet must be ensured by good sleep, because the more you sleep, the more weight you are going to lose.

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