7 best weight loss tricks

If you are stuck in your weight loss plan, try these best weight loss tricks that enhance your metabolism and burn fat.

7 best weight loss tricks

Hence, we are not referring to any crazy strict diets or odd intense workouts.

1. Opt for green tea
Green tea is not only famous for its cancer-fighting benefits: it can enhance your metabolism, as well. According to recent studies, people who used to drink 3 cups of green tea every day had their metabolic rate increased by 4%. This is due to catechins, which are thought to raise the levels of the norepinephrine, a metabolism-speeding brain compound.

2. Weight training
It is the best weight loss technique to burn calories fast. It increases your resting metabolic rate, meaning your metabolism remains “active” for up to two hours after you`ve completed your daily workout routine.

3. Consume foods containing iron
If you don`t have enough iron, your body cannot get enough oxygen to your cells, thus your metabolism is slowed down. Opt for red meat, chicken, or soy nuts.

4. Check your thyroid
The thyroid gland is in charge of your metabolism. So one of the signs that something is wrong your thyroid is that you cannot lose weight. If you have some doubts in this regard, the best weight loss advice would be to go to your doctor for a blood test to check on your thyroid gland.

7 best weight loss tricks 2

5. Avoid alcohol
Alcohol slows down your metabolism by lowering your central nervous system. Some studies have shown that when consumed together with high-calorie meals, alcohol leads to a reduced level of dietary fat burning, more fat being stored as body fat.

6. Eat fish
Those who regularly eat fish tend to have lower levels of the hormone leptin. High levels of leptin are associated with slow metabolism and obesity. Include salmon, tuna, or mackerel into your diet to get the best weight loss results.

7. Reduce your stress level
Some studies show that stress may contribute to abdominal fat. When you are stressed, the cortisol hormone stimulates your appetite, slows your metabolism down, and promotes fat storage around your abdomen area. Find activities that are thought to reduce your stress, such as listening to music, taking yoga classes, or gardening.

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