7 efficient cardio workouts at home to lose weight

Lose weight, burn calories, and lose belly fat – these are certain facts that always come to our mind when we start an exercise routine to stay healthy.

7 efficient cardio workouts at home to lose weight

Studies have shown that nowadays cardio workouts at home particularly can be considered as the best exercise regime that one can opt for to lose belly fat. They also lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases by enhancing the blood circulation.

How can you lose belly fat with cardio workouts at home?
Belly fat is abdominal obesity. As long as your body accumulates fat, a certain amount of fat is stored in your abdomen area; therefore you are likely to have a swelling waist size. Moreover, there is a proven correlation between the accumulation of belly fat and cardiovascular disease. In other words, belly fat is a dangerous sign which you need to prevent so that you have a healthy heart.

Stay at home. You don’t need to go to the gym. Try these simple cardio workouts at home, and look for the results.

Circuit Training: This is basically an aerobic exercise combined with resistance training and it results in a high intensity workout. These effective cardio workouts at home should be performed in a circuit – in other words, one after the other, with a minimal rest in-between.

7 efficient cardio workouts at home to lose weight 2

Stair Exercises: Stair training will increase your cardiovascular endurance. It will tone down your lower body. Walk up and down the stairs for about 15-20 minutes.

Squats: if you really want to lose belly fat, try adding squats to your daily cardio workouts at home routine.

Hula Hoop: Get a hula hoop. Try various variations using the hoop. This exercise can be one of your favourite cardio workouts at home to reduce belly fat.

Jogging in Place: This aerobic exercise increases your heart rate and improves your metabolism.

Jumping Jacks: This is one of the simplest cardio workouts at home. You sweat a lot while doing this exercise, which is a great warm-up exercise. And consequently, you also lose belly fat.

Dancing: Dancing, either Zumba or belly dancing is great fitness exercise that can tone your body, makes your body flexible, and also helps in weight loss process.

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