8 best women`s health tips ever!

Thankfully, healthy lifestyle choices can go a long way toward reducing women’s health risks, such as breast cancer or heart disease.

8 best women`s health tips ever

Find out what are the most effective women`s health tips below:

1. Take care of your physical and mental health. Talk to your doctor about stress, depression, and anxiety. Follow the recommendations for routine health care, including regular medical check-ups, immunization, prenatal care, vision, hearing, and dental care.

2. Look for health issues that are more common in women. Women are more likely than men to face urinary tract problems, joint pains, migraines, or osteoarthritis. Learn about your family history.

3. Don`t smoke. Smoking is the largest preventable cause of death among women. Quitting is the best way to improve your health and avoid exposing your family to dangerous second-hand smoke.

4. Know your risk for heart disease and stroke. When speaking about women`s health, heart disease is among the leading causes of death worldwide. Women are more likely to die following a heart attack. Talk to your doctor about your heart health.

8 best women`s health tips ever 2

5. Keep a healthy weight. Generally, women have less muscle and more fat than men. Therefore, they need fewer calories to maintain a healthy body weight. Be sure to have a well-balanced diet, and get regular exercise.

6. Keep your bones healthy. Osteoporosis is a progressive disease characterized by low bone density, and susceptibility to hip or wrist injuries and fractures. Be sure to get enough calcium, and vitamin D to reduce your risk for osteoporosis.

7. Get enough folic acid and iron. Both folic acid and iron promote good women`s health and energy, reducing the risk of birth defects. Opt for fish, spinach, beans, and lentils to get enough iron. Folic acid can be found in peas, citrus fruits, and leafy greens.

8. Take care of your reproductive health. Sexual health is an essential part of your overall health. It includes issues related to menstruation, contraception, infertility, breast health, cancer, pregnancy, menopause etc. Talk to your doctor about STD prevention, and screening procedures you need to stay healthy.

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