Best cardio workout is the one you enjoy!

Whether we like it or not, summers make us want to lose weight as fast and healthy as possible. You can do it! The best cardio workout helps to burn a huge number of calories and get your muscles sculpted in record time.

Best cardio workout is the one you enjoy

To lose weight, you have to burn more calories in addition to what you consume through food. Thus, the combination of cardio and healthy diet is the best option ever!

Best cardio workout for you should accelerate your heart rate and thus you burn calories and lose weight. You should do your cardio workout under the supervision of an instructor, to make sure you do the moves correctly and you do not endanger your health (muscle strains and other inconveniences may occur). You should know that there is no best cardio workout for everybody, because it is essential that you enjoy the given exercises!

Burn calories depending on age, gender, weight and other factors, so the best cardio workout is the one that takes into account your characteristics and preferences (low/high duration, high/low intensity etc.).

1. Zumba
Women and men alike are opting for Zumba classes, because they want to lose weight or they want to shape their bodies in a fun way, perfect at the end of a hard day. This best cardio workout includes aerobic movements and dance steps inspired from salsa, merengue, Oriental and African dances.
Calories burned in an hour: 400-600

Best cardio workout is the one you enjoy 2

2. Sh’Bam
Like Zumba, Sh’Bam involves a lot of music, a lot of dance moves, but in this case, the music during training is hip hop and club. The creators of this new workout claim that during intense sessions (one session lasts 45 minutes) you will be able to burn fat, due to the interval intensity, to learn new dance moves, and to have lots of fun, so you might even forget that you’re at the gym.
Calories burned in an hour: 600

3. Kangoo Jumps
Originating in Australia, this cardio workout imitating kangaroo jumps by wearing special boots is now popular all over the world.

Kangoo boots protect your joints, and during the sessions, you feel as if you are floating. This training is fun, healthy and helps you enhance your balance, coordination, body position, and take care of your heart health.
Calories burned in an hour: 700-800

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