Best dairy products that keep you fit!

Most people consume dairy products on a daily basis, but few of us know that dairy products are a real help for our silhouette and for the normal functioning of the body, if they are consumed correctly.

Best dairy products that keep you fit

Learn which dairy products are recommended to be eaten and which should be avoided.

For example, milk is a nutritious food, specially created to feed infants in mammalian species. Milk is high-protein food for babies, and therefore only breast milk is the ideal food for infants, at least until 6 months.

An adult can consume about half a litre of cow milk a day, but caution! Milk cannot replace water, because it is a fluid that provides calories, as opposed to natural water.

Milk and milk derivatives are not associated with other foods. Derivatives of fermented fresh milk: natural, without additives yogurt, kefir (traditional fermented dairy), buttermilk are healthy probiotic foods.

Fresh cheese is recommended!

1. Cottage cheese contains excess salt not being recommended to people with cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Moldy (or not) cheese can lead to gaining weight and obesity.

2. Parmesan is usually used in small amounts, added to certain foods.

Best dairy products that keep you fit 2

3. Processed cheeses contain emulsifying salts, phosphates, citrates which prevent calcium fixation in the bone, making them unsuitable for children, adolescents, elderly people, women, and men exposed to osteoporosis. They also have high caloric density, contribute to gaining weight, and provide a hidden fat and salt intake.

4. Moldy cheese has a very high content of fat and salt, with the effect of fattening when consumed frequently and in large quantities.

5. Urda (cheese) is a valuable product found in the Balkans, because it contains almost no casein, a milk protein, which usually cannot be correctly digested by our digestive tube. Cheese proteins contain amino acid muscular fibre formers, increasing the non-fat mass of the body, and preventing gaining weight and obesity. Urda also has a small amount of fat, which is acceptable in terms of calorie intake and lower effect of gaining weight.

6. Cream cheese is sometimes full of additives, not being recommended.

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