Best secrets to healthy cooking recipes

Discover the best secrets to healthy cooking recipes that will change your whole diet!

Best secrets to healthy cooking recipes

Healthy cooking means eating well and of course healthy. It supposes lots of vegetables, fruits, grains and low-fat ingredients as main components of your everyday meal that will only have beneficial effects on your body.

There are several basic tips which are very useful in case you want to change your diet and make it better and healthier.

First of all reduce the amount of consumed fats, especially those which are saturated. Anytime you have the opportunity to substitute them, opt for unsaturated fats or reduce them at all if possible. Butter and margarine should be cut down, instead choose good fats such as olive oil, corn or sunflower oil and other types of unsaturated fats.

The same is about meat and dairy products. Meat is a wonderful source of protein if you choose lean types of meat, such as poultry, veal, beef, which will not damage your body by increasing the level of cholesterol. Dairy products are also very beneficial since you consume low-fat or non-fat products that will supply you with the necessary amount of calcium.

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Try to eat and use more fruits and vegetables in your healthy cooking recipes. Experiment with different vegetables and do not be afraid to prepare them in diverse ways. Almost all the vegetables may be cooked or steamed. Pick vegetables and fruits of different colours and in this way your will get different vitamins and antioxidants. It is recommended to consume between 5 to 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day for an adult.

Keep an eye on salt. According to recent survey our health depends a lot on the amount of salt we use. Its consume leads to high blood pressure that can later evolve into serious heart diseases. You can easily substitute salt by adding spices, fresh or dried herbs and other ingredients that will give to your recipe even a better taste and savour.

These simple tips for healthy cooking recipes are very important because they can help to prevent many diseases by adopting a healthy diet. Following them day by day you will change not only your diet, but your life as well!

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