Best way to lose weight – gradual change

We all know of the existence of diets that help us lose weight quickly; however, they leave us hungry and deprived of power.

Best way to lose weight-gradual change

The best way to lose weight without regaining it back is to adopt a program of gradual weight loss. Experts say that the best way to lose weight and be in shape is not about severe diets, but about a few changes in your daily life.

1. Eat breakfast. This is a common habit among people who have lost weight and managed to keep it off. Many people think that skipping breakfast helps get rid of calories, but in reality they end up eating a lot more during the day. For breakfast it is recommended to eat a bowl with cereals and fruit or low-calorie foods.

2. Do not enter the kitchen in the evening. Set an hour when you will no longer be eating; thus you will avoid “snacking” in the evenings. Drink a cup of tea, eat a candy or a yogurt if you have cravings for something sweet after dinner. Then wash your teeth so that you are no longer tempted to eat something else.

3. Eat fruits and vegetables. High consumption of vegetables and fruit is often overshadowed by the consumption of foods with very high calorie content. Try to have a salad or some soup for your first serving. Buy fruits and vegetables and eat them at every meal. Thus, you will enrich your diet with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fibre, and you won’t be tempted to eat sweets or other high-calories products.

Best way to lose weight-gradual change 2

4. Eat cereals. Substitute whole grains with refined grains such as white bread, cakes, crackers and pretzels as part of your program regarding the best way to lose weight; you`ll eat more fibre and you`ll get full more quickly.

5. Eat smaller portions. Most of the portions of food served at restaurants and at home are much bigger than necessary. To reduce the portions of food, use smaller bowls, plates, and cups.

6. Exercise more. Throughout the day, do everything you can to be more active: climb and descend down the stairs, walk as much as possible, do some light jogging and exercises that do not require going to the gym.

7. Eat protein. Adding fat-free protein at every meal will help you feel full and will stop you from eating more than you need. Eat yogurt, nuts, eggs, or beans. Also, specialists recommend short and frequent meals (with an interval of 3-4 hours) to keep blood sugar at a normal level.

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