Cardio exercises for women that burn calories

Cardio exercises for women are those exercises that involve the majority of your muscles for a longer period of time, so that the cardiovascular system is trained and stimulated.

Cardio exercises for women that burn calories

Benefits of cardio exercises for women:

These exercises not only stimulate the cardiovascular system, but also have lots of other important benefits:

- They combat anaemia, because they stimulate the body to increase the amount of blood in the body;
- Cardio increases the activity of the immune system;
- These exercises strengthen the joints and prevent arthritis;
- They decrease the incidence of cancers by improving nutrition and cellular oxygenation;
- Cardio exercises for women are a good anti-stress remedy – after half an hour of cardio exercise you will feel physically and mentally better;
- They are the most efficient in your weight loss process, if compared to other types of physical exercise;
- They reduce cholesterol;
- They improve memory and attention;
- Cardio also reduces menstrual pains etc.

Cardio exercises for women that burn calories 2

Here are some efficient cardio exercises for women:

1. Alternating running
Begin with walking fast for 5 minutes, then run on a moderate pace for other 5 minutes. Alternate with a fast run with your knees towards your chest, then return to a light running for 3 more minutes. Follow this exercise with a one-minute fast run, other 3 minutes of moderate run. Finish with 10 minutes of fast walking.

2. Jumping rope
Jumping rope is a great cardio exercise, since you can opt for various types of jumps. Try not to stop for 5 minutes when performing these cardio exercises for women.

3. Bicycle
Whether you choose outdoor or indoor bike, this is a terrific simple cardio exercise. Outdoor cycling is likely to be more recommended, since it will involve other muscle groups for balance. However, if you choose indoor bicycle, begin with 5 minutes at low pace, then gradually increase your speed. Try to have at least half an hour of this cardio exercise for better results.

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