Cardio training. Overview and benefits.

“Cardio”, “CV training”, or “cardiovascular workouts” are all general expressions that refer to a specific type of exercise – namely cardio training.

Cardio training

What exactly is cardio training? How much exercise should you be doing and for how long?

The dictionary definition for cardio training is: “physical conditioning that exercises the heart, lungs, and associated blood vessels”. So, when you do cardio training, you’re providing your heart, lungs, and circulatory system a proper and efficient workout.

There are two ways to determine the effectiveness of your cardio training:
1. Resting heart rate (RHR)
Your RHR is the number of times your heart beats in 60 seconds. When your RHR is low, your heart will pump more blood in a single contraction. The typical value of the RHR for an adult is 72 beats per minute, but with cardio training that figure will reduce.

2. Blood pressure (BP)
Blood pressure has two values, which are usually displayed as two figures, one above the other. The upper figure is the systolic pressure, representing the pressure when the heart contracts or pumps blood out. The lower figure is the diastolic pressure, meaning the pressure when the heart is relaxed. An average blood pressure should be no higher than approximately 140/85. Cardio training will decrease your blood pressure, which will provide you with an assessment of your cardiovascular health.

Cardio training 2

There are many different types of cardio training, but the most effective cardio exercises are those that use the largest muscle groups in the body and require you to maintain your own bodyweight during your workout.

So, walking, jogging, and running are excellent for your CV workout because they use the large muscles of the legs and you have to endure throughout your workout.

Swimming, aerobics, cycling, rowing, walking, circuit training, jogging, running, dancing, using gym machines such as a stepper, treadmill, rower, or cross-trainer, and team sports such as football, are all good cardio exercises.

Besides keeping your heart and lungs fit, cardio training burns calories and is your main tool for weight management. You should opt for at least 30 minutes of continuous cardio exercise five times per week.

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