Cardiofitness and its major health benefits

Cardiofitness is a notion that is used to describe a unique form of muscular stamina.

Cardiofitness and its major health benefits

Basically, it describes the effectiveness of the lungs, heart, and vascular system to work in order to provide oxygen to the working muscles of the body.

There are many factors that can affect cardiofitness including heart rate, and the ability of the muscle cells to take up oxygen out of the blood.

When we exercise, we cause several changes in our body. Our general metabolism starts to go up, the efficiency of delivering blood back to our heart is increased, and, in turn, our heart is increasing its ability to deliver blood to our working tissues.

Most of us are aware of the importance of regular cardio exercises and their influence on heart, lungs, and vascular system. Cardio exercise not only allows us to carry out activities more efficiently, but it also reduces the risk of many illnesses, including coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, or heart attacks.

Other benefits of regular cardiofitness are as follows:

- Lower blood pressure
- Increase “good” or HDL cholesterol
- Decrease body fat by using fat as energy
- Improve heart function and its ability to pump more blood

Cardiofitness and its major health benefits 2

- Diminish stress reactions and anxiety, by releasing endorphins to the brain
- Reduce glucose-stimulated insulin
- Increase oxygen output to body
- Increase aerobic work capacity

In order to increase your cardiofitness some basic principles need to be shared. Choose an activity that you will enjoy doing. You don`t have to get on to an elliptical machine or treadmill unless you enjoy doing that type of activity.

The timing for your cardiofitness will vary depending on the intensity that you are working out but in general you will want to strive for 30-90 minutes on most days with the bare minimum being 30 minutes 3 times a week.

The Intensity with which you exercise is going to widely depend on your starting fitness level. If you are working out so hard that you can’t keep a conversation going because you are too out of breath then you are working too hard. You should be exerting yourself but not killing yourself.

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