Change your diet with raw vegan recipes

Raw vegan recipes contain raw vegetables, seeds, fruits and diverse grains. They do not include any animal products.

Change your diet with raw vegan recipes

Vegan raw food is certainly much better than highly processed and packed even most delicious products. It is more nutritional and full of flavours because processing means destroying lots of vitamins and minerals. Besides that, cooking process becomes dangerous for health because of the chemicals produced by diverse fats interacted with heat.

Studies have proved the huge benefits of raw vegan recipes. Being on a raw diet you will definitely lose weight, and thus reduce the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension as well. Raw vegan recipes that include green vegetables have also a beneficial effect in the fight with different forms of cancer.

Making raw vegan recipes may seem to you rather difficult. But it is not so at all! You do not need any special or highly developed equipment. The amount of vegetables or fruits you choose for your raw vegan recipes depends only on you, as well as the way of incorporating and making these dishes. But do not be afraid to experiment and you will be surprised how many wonderful raw vegan recipes you may create by yourself!

Fresh ingredients that are used in raw vegan recipes make a wonderful taste and give an excellent savoury to any dishes. Tasting them once, you will forget about cooked high fat dishes.

Change your diet with raw vegan recipes 2

Raw Zucchini Pasta with Avocado

Ingredients: 2 zucchinis, 2 avocados, 10 sliced tomatoes, 8 tbsp coconut oil, 2 tsp agaves syrup, salt and pepper, olive oil.

1. Make the zucchini pasta using a cheese greater or cut thin pasta with a knife. Salt and let sit to soften.
2. Drain the zucchini pasta and mix all the ingredients.
3. Season with any desired seeds. Drizzle a little with olive oil. Serve cool.


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