Dandruff, and how to get rid of it?

Unfortunately, dandruff has a negative influence on your overall look; it provides an unpleasant aspect, stressing you each time it leaves traces on your clothes. What causes dandruff and how to get rid of it?

Dandruff and how to get rid of it

Dandruff means dead cells of the skin of the scalp which is seen in the form of white or yellowish “flakes” on your hair, neck, and shoulders.

It can also occur in any area of your body where you have hair – on your forehead or eyebrows. Exfoliation of the skin is not only a sign of dandruff; this skin condition can speak about other internal diseases.

Some cosmetic hair care products can lead to scalp skin exfoliation. For example, the hair colour or styling products may dry your scalp.

Dandruff, however, is a fungal disease caused by a form of skin condition called eczema which leads to excessive flaking of the normal cells of the scalp. Changes in hormonal status and the transition from one season to another aggravate this disorder. Dandruff gets worse in the cold season; chronic fatigue or stress can influence the occurrence of dandruff.

Is dandruff contagious?
Dandruff is a quite unpleasant skin condition, but it is not contagious and does not cause direct hair loss.

Anti-dandruff treatment
In order to treat dandruff, there are special substances such as:
Ketoconazole – is struggling with the fungus that causes dandruff;
Salicylic acid – reduces peeling, but may increase itching;
Selenium sulphide – reduces exfoliation, struggling with the fungus;
Zinc – fights against fungus.

Dandruff and how to get rid of it 2

How to use the anti-dandruff shampoo?
Read carefully the utilization instructions. Apply the shampoo on your hair and rub the scalp gently, leave it for 5 minutes, and then rinse with water. Afterwards you can use a regular conditioner. Anti-dandruff shampoo should not be used too often.

The sun is your friend
Sunlight destroys the fungus that causes dandruff and seborrhoea dermatitis. Don’t forget to use hair products with a protective factor of at least 30 SPF.

When should you go to see your doctor?
If you use anti-dandruff shampoo for several weeks, and you see no results, you should go see a doctor. Also, you have to go to see your doctor when your scalp is swollen and red. In this case, you would need an antifungal or even hormonal treatment, but only your doctor may make such decisions.

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