Easy-to-follow tips for your cardio step workouts

Cardio step is one of the best ways to lose belly fat and tone up your body.

Easy-to-follow tips for your cardio step workouts

That is also one of the main reasons why so many people consider it as their workout of choice.

Whether at home or on holiday, cardio step offers a more convenient way for people to have their regular workouts.
Essentially, all that’s needed is a flat surface, a stepping platform, and a good CD! Moreover, you don’t have to use a “proper” step – use your stairs at home!

The goal of cardio step or step aerobics is weight management and improved fitness. You can burn about 10 calories a minute and tone your muscles with only a stair or an elevated platform.

If you have a portable platform, you will be able to adjust step height and add-on weights. Thus you can increase the intensity of your workouts over time.

Step aerobics is a high intensity but low impact workout.

Beginners can start with simple exercises that only require a small step up and down. They are not difficult and are easier to learn compared to other forms of exercise.

Easy-to-follow tips for your cardio step workouts 2

Cardio step aerobics is more than stepping up and down. A good cardio step workout also uses your arms to get your heart pumping and your core to maintain balance.

The more you keep your arms above your head the harder your cardiovascular system (heart and lungs) will have to work and the more calories (and therefore fat) you will burn.

Advanced steppers often increase their workouts by raising the level of the steps, stepping quicker, adding weight, and/or including arm movements.

Research consistently shows that the best workout programs combine cardiovascular and strength training. You can mix these exercises into your step aerobics workout by using hand weights. Even ankle weights can help you burn more calories and strengthen muscles.

It is always recommended to start your cardio step with a warm-up, and finish with a cool down and final stretch.

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