Enjoy vegan dessert recipes

Our vegan dessert recipes will definitely make you go crazy for them!

Enjoy vegan dessert recipes

If you are looking for healthy dessert ideas that will benefit your body, here you are! Forget about all boring and sophisticated diets! Vegan dessert recipes include tasty and delicious recipes without making you feel guilty at all.

Vegan dessert recipes will make you feel delighted and satisfied at the same time because they do not contain dangerous fats, artificial colours, additives, preservatives and dairy ingredients.

They are made using only natural healthy ingredients and are loaded with fruits and berries. Most of them are also gluten-free and contain little sugar. No-bake vegan dessert recipes are the best especially during summertime making you feel light and fresh.

Even if it is difficult for you to believe, vegan dessert recipes are tasty, appetizing and better than the traditional dessert recipes. They do not use butter, milk and eggs, but they are still tasty due to healthy alternatives that can easily substitute these ingredients: applesauce, organic cheese, almond butter, sesame milk, stevia syrop and spices.

Frozen vegan yogurt, vegan ice-cream, cherry cobbler, vegan cookies, tarts, light puddings and the most delicious vegan chocolate are all made to satisfy all the members of your family and make your body stronger, attractive, and more energetic at the same time.

Healthy Red Velvet Ice Cream

Enjoy vegan dessert recipes 2

Ingredients: 1 cup roasted beet puree, 600 gram organic cheese, 1 tbsp stevia syrup, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, ½ cup vanilla soy milk, ½ cup cocoa powder.

1. Add the organic cheese, beet puree, stevia and vinegar in the blender and blend until smooth.
2. Whisk the soy milk with cocoa powder and then add into the blender.
3. Using the ice-cream machine blend the mixture about 30 minutes until it becomes good for serving.
4. Freeze for 3 hours and then serve adding any syrup or fresh mint.

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