Four effective and healthy food choices

Increase your eating habits with healthy food choices you can include in your everyday life.

Four effective and healthy food choices

What if you could make a premeditated effort to add some healthy food choices to your diet and make an improvement in your longevity?

The key is to “trick” your body, which, as you get older, is busy damaging your cells, rather than generating new healthy cells that are resistant to cancer, fast aging, and other diseases. These cells are damaged by free radicals. When free radicals hit into DNA in your cells, they can harm it, leading to poor cell behaviour such as cancer.

Your body already has a defence system of antioxidants that can interrupt the damaging reactions of the free radicals. Some studies show that people who eat many fruits and vegetables, which contain high amounts of natural antioxidant compounds (such as vitamin C and E, and beta-carotene), have lower cancer rates.

In this context, add these healthy food choices to your diet.

Olive oil
One of the most vital healthy food choices is olive oil. It not only narrows arteries, but it also contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. Polyphenols can help protect some cells, such as those which cause breasts and colon cancer, from damaging.

Flaxseeds are rich in fibre, which lowers cholesterol and prevents constipation. They also contain a polyphenol compound that may protect against cancer. The seeds and their oil also contain omega-3 fatty acids you’ve heard so much about.

You need to store them in the fridge. The oil must also be kept cold and must not be heated or put into baked goods. To prepare the seeds, you can crush them in a normal coffee grinder, and add them to your cereals or yogurt.

Four effective and healthy food choices 2

Oats rush cholesterol out of your system. Opt for long-cooking variety of oats instead of instant. Add blueberries, milk, and some brown sugar to your oatmeal.

If you sip on soda at the desk, substituting green tea could be one of the best healthy food choices you could ever make. Even black teas also can up your antioxidant levels. Providing polyphenols, green tea may boost your metabolism, leading to better food assimilation.

When speaking about other healthy food choices, we could also mention apples (beneficial for the lungs of smokers), tomatoes, watermelon (thought to fight prostate cancer), sardines (full of omega-3s and calcium), and turmeric (contains curcumin, which is thought to fight tumour growth).

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