Genetic obesity – between myth and reality

Often, in order to argue their laziness and obesity, women make use of one of the most common excuses: “I can’t do anything, it’s a genetic inheritance”.

Genetic obesity – between myth and reality

If leaving everything on the genetic code, then there will never exist women with flat bellies and ideal parameters.

In fact, the way we look mostly depends on genetics. The height, eye colour, and body proportions, these gifts are all transmitted from our grandparents to parents. That`s why there are differences of the body types we have, such as a tendency to accumulate more fat in the abdomen or thighs.

These “decisions” of your genetic code are irreversible, but nevertheless that does not mean that you cannot be the creator of your own silhouette. With a little patience and some “sacrifices”, you can get the desired body.

Obesity is a problem! Maybe, now you are not part of obesity genetics` victims; however, if you delay making the correct decisions about your lifestyle, you can wake up with this problem.

Genetic obesity – between myth and reality 2

You don’t have to go to the gym every day to have an ideal body. You should not quit entirely eating sweets so as not to add kilograms. You just need to follow a few steps to achieve the desired objective:

1. Stop fooling yourself about those kilograms genetically obtained. This is just a myth created to justify those small mistakes from after 6PM.
2. Review all your eating habits and exclude those unhealthy ones, such as fast-food or excessive oily foods.
3. Drink water to avoid obesity. Liquids will help you eliminate the toxins from your body. Thus you will ensure a good functioning of your internal organs.

Definitely, sport is indispensable. If you don’t have time to go to gym, then look through Internet and start doing exercises lasting at least 30 minutes at home. Be careful and focus on problematic areas which you can see by analyzing yourself in front of the mirror.

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