Great benefits of Aqua Shaping! Try it today!

Have you ever practice water sports? Do you know about their great benefits for your body?

Great benefits of Aqua Shaping

Make an appointment today for Aqua Shaping, and you will easily get rid of extra weight.

What are the benefits of Aqua Shaping?

1. Shaping exercises carried out in water have a lower risk on your spine, toning your back muscles at the same time.

2. It is a combination between sport and hydro-massage, beneficial in restoring muscle tone and in combating cellulite.

3. Water workouts help you lose weight just as efficiently as those performed in the gym.

In combination with a rational diet, aqua shaping workouts will help you get rid of unwanted kilograms and cellulite, leading to a smooth skin.

What do you need to know about Aqua Shaping?

• Aqua shaping trainings are carried out on the water, most often in the pool.
• Water supports 90% of your body weight, which leads to decreasing the risks of injury.
• Aqua shaping is gentle with your knees and other joints.

Check out the benefits of Aqua Shaping:

1. You are shaping all parts of the body (buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomen, and arms). Aqua shaping acts on the venous and lymphatic circulation, allowing a better oxygenation of muscle tissue, the essential factor in the weight loss process.

Great benefits of Aqua Shaping 2

2. You benefit both from physical exercises and massage. While doing exercises in the water, its pressure has a beneficial effect on adipose tissue and helps to fight cellulite. This fact makes the aqua shaping to be highly appreciated by women.

3. An effective fight against varicose veins and fluid retention.

4. It guarantees an ideal silhouette.

Is it OK for you to practice Aqua Shaping?
Any woman can practice aqua shaping, since it is not a sport that requires great endurance. Another aspect would be the fact that it is not necessary to know how to swim. Aqua shaping is carried out in pools where the feet touch the bottom of the pool and the water reaches your chest level, with the help of accessories that help you “float”.

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