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Do you know what are the best migraine remedies?

Do you know what are the best migraine remedies

Migraine is a repeated and frequent headache, often in one side of the head, often accompanied with vomiting, nausea, and exaggerated sensitivity to light and sound. Migraines are mostly caused by stress, hormones, anxiety, cigarette smoke, foods (like chocolate, wine […]

What are the main causes of depression?

What are the main causes of depression

Depression is a medical illness that causes a continuous feeling of melancholy and lack of interest in activities. It can affect the way the person feels, behaves, thinks and interacts with others. Depression can lead to emotional and physical problems. […]

What is mental health?

What is mental health

By mental health, we mean our state of mind – it is all about how we think, feel and conduct. It includes our ability to enjoy life, to cope with daily situations, to handle stress, to relate to others. Mental […]

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