Healthy wrap recipes ideas

Healthy wrap recipes are the best choice for a simple and quick meal.

Healthy wrap recipes ideas

Healthy wrap recipes are perfect tasty alternatives to traditional sandwiches that everybody is already sick and tired.

They have a lot of advantages: using your imagination they can be made of almost any leftovers; they are perfect to be taken to any journey or even in a sandwich box to school or to the office.

Another important advantage of healthy wrap recipes is that they are easy to make and are great for summer picnics as well as for any meal of the day. Using light ingredients they can be served at breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. Chicken or other types of lean meat will make them proper dinner or lunch meals.

These rolls loaded with vegetables can become a complete nutritional balanced meal rich in protein, fibre and vitamins. Choosing fresh juicy vegetables and combining them with lean meat you will get nourishing healthy wrap recipes for everybody.

And you are the only one to decide what to load them with! Add your favourite vegetables and dressings and here is a ready meal for real gourmands! To cover all the juicy and delicious ingredients you may use lavash bread or tortillas. And they do not require a lot of time: 5 minutes and the rolls are ready! You may serve them cold or warm.

Healthy wrap recipes ideas 2

Enjoy time with these incredibly simple but tasty healthy wrap recipes!

1. Greek roasted pepper wraps
Roll together roasted red pepper, spinach, cucumber, goat cheese, feta and olives in whole-grain wraps. Dip into any dressing.

2. Turkish lettuce wraps
Roll together korean carrot salad, fried thinly sliced chicken breast, green cabbage and cheese. You may use homemade mayonnaise for dipping.

3. Grilled vegetables wraps
Grill your favourite vegetables, such as onions, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini and even potatoes. Spread any dressing on wraps, place the grilled vegetables and roll them.

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