Homemade vegetarian appetizers

Homemade vegetarian appetizers are little things that contribute to the whole ambiance of your lunch or dinner.

Homemade vegetarian appetizers

Healthy homemade vegetarian appetizers can bring fun and conversation with your family or friends to the dinnertime when everybody is already exhausted or they can create extra time together with the entire family.

Appetizers are usually eaten before the main courses. These little bites can be served as small meals as well providing light but delicious dishes. There are hundreds of tasty homemade vegetarian appetizers recipes: hummus, artichokes, diverse types of bruschettas, varied grilled or stuffed vegetables, such as stuffed mushrooms, tomatoes and even peppers.

Homemade vegetarian appetizers are healthier and nutritious. The best is that you can use high quality ingredients, fresh vegetables, season fruits and spices and even leftovers. You can also mix and prepare different vegetarian sauces to make your appetizers personalized.

Anyway, appetizers are great for small breaks. Homemade vegetarian appetizers are usually served with wine or other delicious drinks. Simple and very fast to prepare appetizers are the best options especially when we do not have a lot of time for preparing a sophisticated meal.

In order to prepare some homemade vegetarian appetizers you should just let your imagination work, because you can make different combinations, by mixing vegetables with nuts and fruits on crusty bread and serve.

Just serve them on a plate with some cocktails and enjoy!

Homemade vegetarian appetizers 2

Tomato and avocado toasts

Ingredients: 1 small baguette, 5 tomatoes, 1 avocado, 1 tsp. lemon juice, 2 tbsp. olive oil, salt, ground pepper.

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brush both sides of the sliced baguette with olive oil.
2. Bake the baguette approx. 10 min.
3. Into a bowl, mash the sliced avocado with lemon juice and season with ground pepper and some salt to taste.
4. Spread on toasted bread. Top with sliced tomatoes.

Serve with pleasure!

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