How to apply eye shadow like an expert?

If you get to learn how to apply eye shadow, it will not only ensure you have an amazing look but also make your eye shadows to last longer.

How to apply eye shadow like an expert

When choosing the right eye shadow for your eyes, make sure you take into consideration the following factors:

Look at the colour of your skin tone, eyes, and hair type, when choosing the eye shadows. Go for colours that will compliment well the facial features you have.

Depending on the colour of eyes you have, you need to see which eye shadow colours will work best for you.

Women who have hazel eyes will look incredible in brown, cream, taupe, and beige shades.

If you have green eyes, brown and beige eye shadows are ideal colours, both enhancing and complimenting green eyes.

For blue eyes, opt for brown, rose, terracotta, turquoise, and neutral shades. You can also try metallic colours, like silver and gold shades.

In case if you have brown eyes, you should choose brown, purple, or green shades, to get the best of it.

Now that you know which eye shadow colours are best for you, follow the next steps:

How to apply eye shadow like an expert 2

1. Wash your face, and apply an oil free moisturizer, to make sure you have a dry eyelid surface. Thus, your eye shadows will not smudge at all.
2. Apply an under-eye concealer, if you have blemishes, or you want to hide wrinkles or dark eye circles.
3. Apply eye shadow primer. This primer is very important since it will ensure eye shadows adhere to the surface among many other uses.

Now it is time to learn how to apply eye shadow itself. Using your eye shadow brush, apply your eye shadow base or the lightest shade of your eye shadow set on your eyelid.

Apply the medium eye shadow from you eyelash to the eye crease and along the eye crease. Begin from your external eye corner and sweep along the eyelid up to the eye crease.

Apply the darkest shade on your eyelids begin from your lash line up to your eye creases.

These are the most basic steps when learning how to apply eye shadow. Depending on the exact looks you want to achieve, you could vary the way you apply your eye shadows.

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