How to improve your mental fitness?!

Most people are aware of the importance of regular physical exercise.

How to improve your mental fitness

Few people know, however, that proper mental fitness training is also very important for overall health.

When you talk about fitness, it is to go beyond the boundaries of physical fitness and focus even on mental fitness. Currently, mental fitness has become crucial in order to be able to deal with daily stress, face new challenges, and still have a peaceful and balanced mind at the end of the day.

You are mentally fit when your mind is not only free from diseases or injury, but is healthy and responding in optimal state with balanced emotions. Mental fitness is strongly connected with physical fitness, as being physically healthy would provide the necessary oxygen and nutrients to your brain.

Improving your mental fitness helps you to become positive, self-confident, and independent. However, if mental fitness is being ignored, one can start developing deficient memory, slow thinking, and problems in learning, further leading to severe illnesses like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer.

How to improve your mental fitness 2

How to build mental strength
Physical exercise tones your body and keeps it active and healthy. Likewise, mental training is required for mental fitness. It helps you to deal with the difficulties of this competitive world.

What to do and not to do for a healthy mind:

• Play games like crosswords or chess that would accelerate your thinking abilities.
• Relax daily for at least 30 minutes in a calm environment.
• Exercise your brain to respond better and faster.
• Learn new skills or take up a hobby.
• Eat foods for your brain like fish oil, nuts, flaxseed, and olive oil; this would provide healthy fat to your brain.
• Set a short term, personal goal. When you manage to achieve it, you will feel more self-confident and your mind would feel harmonious.
• Avoid watching television for long periods, in particular late night. Instead spend some time in exercising, jogging, meditating, reading, discussing etc.
• Avoid any drugs or alcohol, as it delays your thinking process and other brain activities.

A proper combination of balanced feelings, good physical fitness, and great mental stamina means healthy living.

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