Improve your overall health with cardio workouts

Cardio-respiratory exercises (also known as cardio workouts) are simply the terms used to describe exercises that work your heart and circulatory system.

Improve your overall health with cardio workouts

In order to keep us alive, it has to work all day every day. Exercises like running, walking, cycling, and swimming are all excellent examples of cardio workouts.

Cardio workouts help to improve your heart’s blood pumping capabilities. Every time you increase your heart rate during a prolonged cardio exercise, your heart will have to pump blood faster.

Four incredible benefits of cardio workouts:

1: Lower resting heart rate
Your heart has to work harder during exercise and pump blood around your body faster, so your heart becomes increasingly effective at pumping blood. This fact can make your daily activities seem easier over time. Basically your heart has to work less to sustain your everyday activities. As a rule, you can see this change as a lowered resting heart rate.

2: Weight loss
When you increase your activity level with cardio workouts, your body has to burn extra fuel in order to meet this increased need for energy. The primary fuel source for prolonged cardio exercise is the stored fat. This increased energy expenditure combined with a reduced caloric intake can lead to significant weight loss.

Improve your overall health with cardio workouts 2

Cardio is mostly known as the guaranteed method to lose weight besides diet. During cardio, almost all the muscles work and the heart rate goes up. As a result, your body requires more energy and it burns more calories. It first burns the carbohydrates, then the fat.

3: Reduced stress
Cardio exercise promotes the production of endorphins, your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters.

4: Increased capacity of your lungs
The other benefit of cardio workouts is that it increases the capacity of the lungs. A stronger lung can take up more oxygen. This fact enhances the circulation system, providing sufficient oxygen for the body cells. Strong lung will contribute to more efficient workouts.

So, try to have your cardio workouts three times a week, and opt for running, swimming, cycling, jumping rope, squats, and the list goes on…

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