Is cardio yoga beneficial to your body?

Yoga is likely to protect you from heart disease just as much as jogging and cycling.

Is cardio yoga beneficial to your body

Cardio yoga is beneficial to your heart because it combines exercise and relaxation. That mind-body relaxation element might also make yoga better at reducing stress and anxiety compared to other fitness activities.

There are several physical and emotional benefits after regular cardio yoga classes: cardio-respiratory stamina, lower blood pressure, stable blood sugar, and healthy weight.

Cardio-respiratory fitness, also called aerobic capacity, involves the ways your heart, lungs, and blood vessels perform to transport oxygen to muscles during workout – and it may diminish the cardiovascular risk factors.
Although it’s common knowledge that regular cardio workouts improve aerobic capacity, recent studies also show that yoga may aid, as well.

Yoga is a combination of three things: different postures or poses, breathing and meditation. In terms of the postures, there are probably benefits to the muscles in how they process blood sugar, as well as enhanced aerobic fitness depending on how strenuous the cardio yoga is.

Is cardio yoga beneficial to your body 2

So how do you know for sure whether your yoga class is a cardio workout? There are many different kinds of yoga. Some forms (like Hatha or Kundalini) focus on gentle movements and breathing, while others are more dynamical and physically challenging.

Your best solution is to wear a heart rate monitor, which will let you know exactly how high your heart rate gets and just as importantly, how long it remains at that level. If your heart rate reaches and stays in the cardio zone (at least 60%) for at least 10 continuous minutes, then it can be regarded as a cardio exercise.

Being similar to any activity you do on a cardio machine, field, or track, cardio yoga can diminish body fat, lower blood pressure, stabilize blood cholesterol, and improve heart rate for an overall lower risk of heart disease and related risk factors.

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