Key tips when making vegan soup recipes

Starting a meal with a veggie-packed vegan soup fills you up with healthy nutrients.

Key tips when making vegan soup recipes

Vegetables, especially roots and cruciferous veggies, lentils, beans, and peas are quite satisfying, yet low in calories.

Veggie-filled vegan soup recipes contain more water than other dishes, thus you will stay hydrated, which also helps maintain healthy and fit. They’re quite delicious, yet at the same time help control appetite for foods that may not good you or which you may be tempted to overeat. Since soups based on vegetables and/or legumes are high in fibre, they also keep you fuller for a long time.

Pureed soups, like a vegan cream or carrot, or broccoli soup, will really enhance your vegetables` intake in one meal. Vegan soups can be a satisfying first course or a complete meal with a healthy salad including beans or lentils.

Key tips when making vegan soup recipes 2

Plant-based soups are filled with vitamins and other nutrients. When making vegan soup recipes, you can get a great part of your daily needs of protein, vitamin A, C, and B, fibre, folic acid, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, folic acid, and antioxidants, depending on which particular ingredients you use. Add all kinds of fresh herbs and spices to your vegan soup recipes, to enhance flavour, as well as to increase health benefits.

Tomatoes are another great source of nutritious and aromatic ingredient for the most delicious vegan soup recipes, due to the valuable and healthy lycopene content.

When preparing vegan soup recipes, make sure you start with cold water. Different flavour components have different levels of solubility in water at different temperatures. By starting with cold water, and slowly increasing the heat, you can be sure that all the flavours have had a chance to be extracted at their preferred temperature.

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