Meditation, best for anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are associated mental sufferings most often co-existing with the same intensity or not.

Meditation, best for anxiety and depression

Generally speaking, anxiety is best described as a condition that develops after a belief that things can get worse and that life will aggravate. Depression occurs from a belief that nothing can work well for the life to get better, more rewarding, and more tolerant.

Anxiety and depression can be enhanced with just 30 minutes of meditation a day, according to recent researches of the results of clinical tests carried out on patients suffering from mental disorders.

“A great number of people resort to meditation, but this exercise is not considered as part of a medical therapy,” said Madhav Goyal, Assistant Professor of internal medicine at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, the lead author of the study.

“But in our research, meditation seems to calm the symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as antidepressants in other studies,” he added, pointing out that these patients were not suffering from a severe form of anxiety and depression.

The researchers assessed the degree of change of symptoms in people who suffer from health problems such as insomnia or Fibromyalgia, a chronic muscular disease, accompanied with pains. Few patients were suffering from a mental illness, argued the authors of the study.

Researchers have noticed that the so-called meditation of the “full awareness”, a Buddha technique that consists of focusing on the present moment, has shown to be particularly promising.

Meditation, best for anxiety and depression 2

In general, scientists have noted signs of improvement in the symptoms of anxiety and depression after patients have followed daily meditation sessions of 30 minutes for eight weeks.

Analysis of the clinical tests performed six months later showed that the positive effects of meditation were preserved during this interval.

This analysis considered 47 clinical tests performed on 3515 participants who practiced different techniques of meditation and who were suffering from various mental and physical disorders, including depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and addiction, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and chronic pain.

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