Menstrual cup, the future of feminine hygiene

Lately, we are learning more and more about a new alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons we use monthly.

Menstrual cup, the future of feminine hygiene

This alternative is called menstrual cup.

Some women say it’s phenomenal, it is the future of female intimate hygiene, it is more practical and more hygienic. Others say it’s the cheapest variant to protect you from menstrual bleeding.

Menstrual cup is made of medical silicone, which is very flexible and allows a very good fit into the vagina for a menstrual flow without leaking and without unpleasant odours.

Prior to utilization, each month, the menstrual cup must be sterilized, i.e., boiled for 5 minutes. Then, after each use during a menstrual period it should be cleared and washed with water. The menstrual cup should be used for 4-8 hours, then washed, and reintroduced into vagina. It can be used throughout a whole night.

Menstrual cup, the future of feminine hygiene 2

The menstrual cup does not disrupt the vaginal flora, being recommended for women who are suffering from infections, Mycosis, or vaginal eczema.

By using such a cup you can know exactly what amount of menstrual fluid is being eliminated due to the fact that it is calibrated, a thing that is advantageous if compared to all kinds of sanitary napkins or tampons.

The menstrual cup is very flexible, and it can be used even when you exercise or if you are at the pool.

A menstrual cup costs around 2,5 Euro and can be used up to 15 years! Once a month it should be boiled for 5 minutes, and after each use it should be washed with water. On the contrary, tampons, for example, must be purchased month-by-month.

So, in other words, menstrual cup is practical and cheap, but it does not suit any woman. Consult your doctor for a more detailed instruction, if necessary.

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