Quick Italian vegetarian recipes

Italian vegetarian recipes are full of local traditions and passion for life.

Quick Italian vegetarian recipes

Italian food is best known all over the world for the popular pizza and traditional pasta. Despite this, Italian cuisine is extremely diverse and full of different vegetarian recipes.

There’s a whole world of different types of pastas, salads, vegetarian cheeses, risotto and other delicious dishes to explore, make and enjoy. Almost all Italian vegetarian recipes are healthy, tasty and easy to prepare.

Best quality ingredients are one of the top secrets of Italian vegetarian cuisine. The most popular ingredients found in Italian vegetarian recipes vary from region to region.

There are some ingredients that express the real flavour and passion of Italian food everywhere: capers, tomatoes, broccoli, eggplant, olives and of course Mediterranean herbs. Fresh or dried herbs such as basil, mint, oregano and parsley are full of aromatic oils and give a special savoury to any dish.

If you are in lack of time or not in the best mood of cooking, the best solution is to prepare a fast, tasty and healthy salad. This Italian vegetarian salad is a good choice, because it is really fast and simple. Choose some seasonal fresh vegetables, fruits or/and nuts, add some dressing and your dinner can be served!

Quick Italian vegetarian recipes 2

This Italian vegetarian recipe of avocado salad will become your favourite one once you try it. It is also great because it takes only a few ingredients to make. It is also hearty, full of savours and can be served at a family dinner as well as glamorous party.

Avocado salad
Ingredients: 1 cup sliced ripe avocado, 2 tbsp. lemon juice, 1 cup sliced tomatoes, several leaves of chopped lettuce, 2 tbsp. chopped walnuts.

1. Halve the avocado and slice. In a bowl mix all the ingredients of the salad.
2. Sprinkle the dressing and lemon juice and if you serve it immediately toss well.
3. Serve chilled.

Enjoy this avocado salad with a glass of Bianco Italian wine!

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