Start doing cardio exercises at home!

Ignore the gym. Ignore the outside weather. You can do cardio at your home right now.

Exercising at home is the best option, offering a way to save money and time, and to improve your strength, agility and cardio vascular endurance as well.

Different cardio workout will not only help you burn calories, lose weight and get your muscles toned up, but they will also improve your overall health and fitness level.

Start doing cardio exercises at home

Jump rope
How: turning a rope repeatedly while jumping over it. You can jump on one foot, alternate feet or cross feet.
It is a great cardio exercise, burning over 220 calories in 20 minutes. Alternate 30-60 seconds of jumping with other cardio exercises such as jogging, jumping jacks etc.

Jumping jacks
How: repeatedly jumping up while circling the arms overhead, then back again.
It burns about 100 calories in 10 minute. Do them for 30-60 seconds alternating them with other cardio exercises. The focus of the exercise is to work both the lower and upper body.

Start doing cardio exercises at home

Jogging in place
How: jogging in a fixed position
This exercise is accessible and gets the heart rate up. Alternate jogging in place with other cardio exercises. Do each for 30-60 seconds.

How: find something in your house that is solid and won`t move if you step on it. Make sure it is not too high. Press your left foot into the step and push your body up until your left leg is straight. Do it for 30-60 seconds and alternate with other exercises.

Squat jumps
How: jump as high as you can, landing back into a squat
This exercise will increase your heart rate and burn calories. Incorporate 30-60 seconds of squat jumps into your regular cardio workout or in a cardio circuit with other exercise.

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