Sugar addiction and health disorders

One of the great temptations for women are…sweets. We want them, stop ourselves from eating sweets, or occasionally eat them, and so on.

Sugar addiction and health disorders

Beyond the simple pleasure of eating sweets, have you ever wondered what sugar addiction is?

American physician Jacob Teitelbaum described this phenomenon in his book “Combat now sugar addiction!”, where he presents the possible causes of the occurrence of sugar cravings. He talks about the four types of sugar addiction, which are triggered by different factors, ranging from hormonal changes in the body to various infections.

The situation often starts from a physical overexertion
You use to work over 40 hours a week and feel tired most of the time. The morning coffee is compulsory, and you feel helpless without sweets throughout the day. At the same time, you feel the need to consume all kinds of sodas. You have various types of body pains, migraines being part of the “daily diary” of your body.

Thyroid disorders
Among the causes for sugar addiction offered by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum is the lack of rest and an inadequate diet, often composed of fast-food meals and snacks. They provide energy for your body on a short-time basis. In such a situation, the thyroid gland is often responsible for sugar addiction. Overstressed, thyroid requires a sugar intake to function properly. Caffeine aggravates the sugar addiction, and the body enters a vicious cycle.

In order to improve your health, Teitelbaum suggests giving up coffee and replacing it with tea. Drink more water to help cleanse the body.

Stop eating processed foods, and include whole grains in your daily diet. They maintain a constant level of sugar in the blood. At the same time, sleep more! A good night’s sleep will reduce the appetite and the need for sweet.

According to the American researcher, lots of people who are sugar addicted are suffering from candida. The body enters into a new vicious cycle. Candida generates sugar cravings, and sugar contributes to the expansion of the fungus. At the same time, the stress increases the secretion of a hormone called cortisol reduces your immunity, allowing the expansion of candida.

Sugar addiction and health disorders 2

The solution consists of eliminating caffeine and all products containing sugar from your body and switching to a diet rich in whole grains. The diet must be followed for five months; in addition, opt for probiotic foods. After this period, the level of bacteria in the body will return to normal.

Excess of adrenaline
You are angry when you are hungry. You have a constant state of stress and dizziness. Occasionally, you have an irritated throat, and you are thirsty almost all the time…

It is possible to suffer from an excess of adrenaline. The role of the adrenal gland is to produce hormones – adrenaline and cortisol – when the body is under pressure. Contemporary lifestyle that predisposes to a state of constant stress makes these glands to work harder, thereby creating a need for sugar. The sugar intake helps, but just for a moment.

The solution is to eat less and more often throughout the day, and your diet should consist of dishes with high protein content. Thus, the stress will diminish and, consequently, you will also reduce the craving for sweet.

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