Tasty vegetarian lettuce wraps

Vegetarian lettuce wraps are definitely better and healthier than simple traditional wraps.

Tasty vegetarian lettuce wraps

This idea of creating wraps using lettuce is probably one of the best. Using green fresh leaves instead of wraps made of flour such as bread, tacos and tortillas is great.

It is a wonderful healthy method to supply our body with beneficial ingredients, vitamins and minerals. Besides that, making vegetarian lettuce wraps is very simple and cheap. In less than 15 minutes you may create an endless multitude of lettuce wraps incorporating different fresh ingredients or leftovers.

Almost any ingredients may be used to make the filling. To make vegetarian lettuce wraps you just have to choose your favourite ingredients, or those which are available in your fridge, add some spicy sauce and roll them in a lettuce leaf. Any fresh or cooked vegetables, tofu, shrimps and other seafood, nuts and seeds will be perfect for making tasty vegetarian lettuce wraps.

Vegetarian wraps are lighter and healthier due to the fact they do not contain meat. So, the advantage is that you can eat more of them without thinking about gaining weight. They are great for summer picnics as well as for any meals of the day. Filling them with light healthy ingredients they may be served as snacks or even as the main dishes for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

Just make a spicy sauce and the perfect lunch is ready for a hot summer day!

Tasty vegetarian lettuce wraps 2

Vegetarian lettuce wraps

Ingredients : 1 cup cooked red beans, 3 diced tomatoes, 1 avocado, 200 gram tofu, 2 chopped green peppers, 200 gram cooked corn, lettuce leaves, soy sauce, salt, pepper, olive oil.

1. In a saucepan heat the oil and add the chopped green pepper and the tofu. Using a fork break the tofu and cook tofu until it becomes brown.
2. Then add the cooked red beans and corn kernels, season with salt and pepper. Stir for 7 minutes. Mix in the pepper and tofu.
3. Prepare one or two lettuce leaves and place on the mixture, lay on diced tomatoes and avocado. Roll attentively and serve with the soy sauc

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