The best foods for a healthy stomach

We are all aware of the fact that a healthy stomach is maintained with a proper diet.

The best foods for a healthy stomach

What are the best foods for a healthy stomach that are digested easily and that are suitable in certain cases of stomach disorders?

In this context, the best foods for a healthy stomach are as follows:

Pears are great foods for digestion

Pears are a great source of fibre, which helps eliminate food residues and cleaning the intestinal tract. Moreover, pears contain sorbitol, which provides extra water in the intestine, a fact that prevents constipation.

Other great foods for a healthy stomach are yogurts
Yogurt is a fine source of “good” bacteria. Yogurt is helpful for the entire digestive process and soothes the irritated stomach. Moreover, yogurt is a perfect source of good bacteria, which are often “destroyed” by various food imbalances or an intake of powerful antibiotics.

The probiotics found in yogurt is the ideal cure for a stomach in trouble or an intestinal flora “damaged” by various drugs.

The best foods for a healthy stomach 2

Ginger is an excellent stomach sedative
Ginger is part of the carminatives family, a group of plants and herbs that help to soothe an irritated stomach and a digestive tract disturbed by various substances or powerful drugs.

Ginger helps digestion and calms stomach, cramps, aches, nausea, and vomiting. Other plants of this family, with the same effects are cinnamon, Sage, and thyme.

Lentils help restore the intestinal flora, thus leading to a healthy stomach
Lentils are a prebiotic, i.e. food for probiotics that form the good bacteria in your body. They help the number of good bacteria to beat the bad bacteria, which means that they help remove infections and contribute to a proper and healthy digestion.

Lentils increase the acidity from the intestines, which helps in the absorption of nutrients from food, such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, or iron.

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