The lack of vitamins can be easily detected!

Do you feel tired? Do you have problems with your skin? Is your hair lacking vitality? Many of these symptoms are due to the lack of vitamins.

The lack of vitamins can be easily detected

We shall help you learn about their benefits and the methods to re-fill the lack of vitamins with the daily nutrition.

Vitamin A – contributes to growth and development. Its deficiency may lead to skin problems, low vision at night or dried eyes. It can be easily supplied by carrots.

Vitamin D – contributes to the bone development. Its deficiency may lead to bones problems. To restore the optimal level of this vitamin, you should eat eggs.

Vitamin E – contributes to the good functioning of circulatory system. The lack of vitamins E may lead to the incapacity to absorb fats. The almonds are extremely rich in vitamin E.

Vitamin K – helps to the blood clotting. Its lack may lead to excessive bleeding. Broccoli is ideal for restoring the vitamin to the body.

The lack of vitamins can be easily detected 2

Vitamin C – is useful for collagen, iron absorption and has an antioxidant function. Without vitamin C the wounds would heel with difficulty, the gums would bleed and the joints would be swollen. Oranges are among the fruits with the highest amount of vitamin C.

B complex vitamins – are beneficial for the immune system, iron absorption and nervous system. The lack of B complex vitamins may lead to depression, anaemia and cancer risk. Grains are extremely rich in vitamin B.

Folic acid or folate – is useful during pregnancy in order to avoid malformations and beneficial for the cells renewal. Anaemia and infertility occur when the amount of folic acid is low. A great source of folic acid is red cabbage.

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