Three efficient exercises for weight loss

When it comes to weight loss, many people are thinking about sophisticated workouts at the gym.

Three efficient exercises for weight loss

Sometimes, however, simple exercises are enough to achieve our objectives. They are easy in execution, and, in addition, do not require any special equipment. Here, we shall present a series of simple yet effective exercises for weight loss.

If you want to lose some weight but you don’t have time to go to the gym, don’t get discouraged. If carried out intensely and regularly, simple exercises can produce spectacular results. No matter where we work out, what is important is how often we do exercises. Specialists recommend opting for exercises for weight loss that involve our whole body, including as many muscle groups. We should not underestimate the effectiveness of the simplest exercises for weight loss.

It’s true, strength exercises have been shown to be more effective in intensifying and speeding up our metabolism, but sometimes using our own body weight is more appropriate. And that’s because, in the case of persons less motivated to carry out their goal, the increase of the degree of difficulty is likely to favour giving up workouts.

The simplest exercises for weight loss:

Even if they seem trivial, squats involve not only the leg muscles, but also the gluteus muscle, the lower back or abdomen. In fact, out of those 400 muscles from the human body, a squat involves around 200 muscles. Furthermore, a proper squat is helping to regulate glucose levels and the proper functioning of the metabolism of fats, decreasing the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or obesity. Squats also enhance the development of lean muscle mass, which is known to lead to an accelerated calorie burning.

Three efficient exercises for weight loss 2

Although extremely simple, these exercises for weight loss are valuable due to the fact that they accelerate your pulse and heartbeat. These are cardio exercises. Stand upright, and begin to jump spreading your legs sideways, while raising your arms above your head. Do this exercise three times, for a minute, with 15 seconds pause between the three series.

Step aerobics
This is a type of aerobics which involves climbing and descending a platform in dance steps. The movement is similar to that of climbing stairs, but the dance ensures an increased heart rate, so that the exercise is a very good cardio workout. It acts primarily on the legs, thighs, and buttocks.

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