Check out these 8 tips for healthy hair

Beautiful hair is possible. All you need to do is to eat properly, to look after your hair more carefully and to follow some of our tips for healthy hair.

Check out these 8 tips for healthy hair

You can contribute to maintaining silky, shiny and healthy hair by learning how to wash your hair and make correct product choices.

If possible, try not to wash your hair every day, as daily showers will strip your hair of its natural oils. However, this is not the case of oily hair, when you may need to wash it once a day.

Massage delicately your scalp. Do this for about 40 seconds before washing it out. The scalp massage stimulates circulation and prevents dandruff.

Use conditioner, just like the shampoo, formulated specifically for your hair type, and rub it from the tips to the roots of your hair. Follow the instructions on how long to leave the conditioner in your hair before you rinse it off. Avoid hot water, as it might dry and damage your hair.

Dry your hair carefully. Let your hair air dry, or use a warm and not hot blow dryer. Avoid holding the dryer in one spot for more than a few seconds. Use heat protection spray when you dry your hair. It is recommended that you also apply heat protection spray when you use flat iron or hot hair curler.

It is not recommended to brush your hair while it is still wet. Hair brush might break your wet hair. Excessive brushing may also cause breakage.

Periodically, apply hair masks or natural deep conditioning treatment, such as egg oil, olive oil, avocado or coconut oil. Leave these treatments in for up to 3 hours and rinse hair thoroughly without applying shampoo or conditioner.

Check out these 8 tips for healthy hair 2

Try not to use styling products too often. Apply them only to hair, and not the scalp, as they can dry it.

Protect your hair when swimming. The chlorine from the swimming pool or the salt from the sea can have damaging effects, so wear a tight-fitting swim cap and use a specially formulated swimmers shampoo and deep conditioner after swimming to replace lost moisture.

Remember that beauty comes from within. Adopt healthy eating habits and remember: meat, fish, spinach, egg whites, and other foods high in protein help build strong keratin, which is the outer layer of hair and scalp. Silica, a nutrient found in rice, cucumbers, cabbage and sunflower seeds supports the growth of healthy hair and nails.

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