Top 7 steps on how to deal with depression

While coping with depression isn’t an easy process, there are plenty of things that can help you learn how to deal with depression.

Top 7 steps on how to deal with depression

Often people make the elementary mistake of assuming that depression means sadness.

While sadness is a normal temporary emotion being usually caused by certain events, depression is a constant feeling of sadness and hopelessness, which can last for weeks, and even years.

And while this mental illness can’t be overcome through willpower only, there are some efficient tips on how to deal with depression.

Here are 7 steps you should follow in your urge to learn how to deal with depression:
1. Stop feeling overwhelmed
A common symptom of depression is the feeling of being overwhelmed by your daily tasks. Even getting out of bed and getting dressed can feel like a huge problem, and people become less active as depression becomes more serious.

The best way to beat this feeling is to break down the activity in small, easier-to-achieve steps, so that you are able to do some action, one after another, slowly but surely.

2. Avoid isolation
When depressed, people tend to cut them off from the outside world. As a result, they can become less sociable.

When the first signs of depression appear it is important to spend more time with your family and friends.

3. Go for a walk
The correlation between exercise and feeling good is a well-known fact. It can be difficult to stay motivated when depressed so vigorous exercise such as running or going to the gym can be tough to keep up.

However even moderate exercise like a 30-minute brisk walk has been shown to improve mood.

4. Opt for relaxation techniques
Deep breathing and relaxing the muscles are the basis of all relaxation techniques and these two physiological actions work very effective when referring to how to deal with depression.

Breathe slowly and rhythmically; inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

Yoga and tai chi are also great ways to help relax the body.

Top 7 steps on how to deal with depression 2

5. Change your diet
Eating four to six small meals throughout the day rather than two to three large ones provides more energy and can help stabilise your blood sugar.

Reducing the amount of simple carbohydrates like refined sugar and white flour in your diet can also help keep blood sugar levels stable and therefore help improve mood when depressed.

6. Take an omega-3 supplement
Omega-3 is an Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) which has a positive effect on mood when taken in high enough doses as a supplement.

It is present in fish, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, chia and sunflower seeds.

7. Have a good sleep
Getting a good night’s sleep is important for everyone but especially for those suffering from depression. Too much sleep (over eight hours) can aggravate depression.

Regular sleeping hours are essential in managing mood and having a regular bedtime and rise time is important too. They have a positive effect on mood and actually reduce depressive symptoms over time.

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