Try out healthy living recipes

Healthy eating recipes have become synonyms with delicious food and good life, because living well means being healthy.

Try out healthy living recipes

Healthy living recipes are those which contain natural and not processed, free of additives and dangerous ingredients. Such recipes are usually easy to digest, beneficial for immune system and keep our body fit and strong.

Using natural ingredients these healthy living recipes are almost always low fat, gluten-free and have a small amount of sugar. They considerably decrease the level of cholesterol, reducing in this way the risk of many dangerous diseases.

But what is more important is that healthy living recipes can be also made in a very tasty way. Just adding some fresh herbs or oriental spices, seasonal vegetables and fruits, you will give them an unforgettable savour that everybody will enjoy. You will never feel guilty or think about tomorrow’s diet if you choose these healthy living recipes recipes.

With a few adjustments you may easily transform healthy living recipes into vegan or vegetarian ones. It is your own decision to use or not meat, fish or even dairy products. There are so many alternative new appetizing ingredients that can easily substitute high fat products that even the most finical gourmands will like them.

Summer vegetable tart

Try out healthy living recipes 2

Ingredients: 2 mushrooms, 1 red pepper, 2 tomatoes, leek, 4 beaten eggs, 2 cups of flour, 1 cup cream, olive oil, salt and pepper, parsley for garnishing.

1. Cut all the vegetables into thin slices and bake for about 10 min in a previously preheated oven with a little oil. Remove from the oven.
2. In a bowl mix the flour, the beaten eggs, cream, salt and pepper.
3. Place the vegetables into a cooking form. Then pour the cream mixture over them and bake for about 25 min at 180C.
4. You may garnish it by adding some fresh parsley or any other herbs you like.

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