Types of vegetarian sweets

Vegetarian sweets-the best healthy alternative to traditional ones.

Types of vegetarian sweets

Sweets are really yummy, but unfortunately most of them are full of sugar, additives and sometimes fat too, which are dangerous for our health. But there is a solution! Vegetarian sweets!

Nowadays there are many alternatives to traditional sweets – a great diversity of healthy vegetarian sweets. They are healthy due to the fact that vegetarian sweets do not contain artificial colours and additives, preservatives and dairy ingredients. They are made using only natural healthy ingredients. Eating vegetarian sweets you will satisfy your sweet appetite and not damage your health at the same time.

Fortunately there are many vegetarian sweets found in diverse cuisines that are delicious and can satisfy any taste. You may also try traditional Turkish sweets most of which are also vegetarian: halva, peda, cham cham and barfi. Halva is probably the most spread and popular one due to its healthy ingredients: nuts, seeds and sugar.

Another healthy vegetarian type of sweets is vegan chocolate. Unfortunately many types of chocolate contain a lot of sugar, additives and fats that are added during manufacturing. The better is the quality of chocolate, the higher is the quality of its ingredients. A good vegan chocolate will contain only simple vegetarian ingredients: cocoa, cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla that is optional.

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Chewy sweets that use pea protein instead of pork-based gelatine found in most wine gums, jelly babies and cola bottles are perfect solution if your child wants something sweet to chew. They are gluten-free sweets that do not contain fats and additives. The diversity of flavours and tastes make these simple vegetarian sweets become often the most favourite children’s desserts.

While choosing the type of sweets you are going to give to your child, first of all think of its benefits and only then about taste. Opt for vegetarian sweets and you will definitely not regret later!

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