Useful makeup tips for blue eyes

Are you looking for solutions to boost your good-looking blue eyes?

Useful makeup tips for blue eyes

Here are some makeup tips for blue eyes to really make your eyes prominent.

Before you start your eyes makeup, use a thin eye shadow brush or your finger and apply a small amount of white eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes to get a brighter and healthier look.

After that apply an eye primer or a concealer onto your eyelids. You will provide a base for your eye shadow, and namely your eye shadow will last longer throughout the day without fading.

The main makeup tips for blue eyes refer to colour contrast. Blue is a very cold colour which should be contrasted with warm eye shadows. The best colour options are brown and copper. Apply shades of gray, camel, taupe, sable, ash, lilac, silver, dark brown, black, charcoal, copper, pink, or gold to the lid. For blue eyes you can also use very pale blues too. If you have blue eyes you may also opt for purple eye shadows.

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You will need 3 different shades of the eye shadow colour you choose. Begin with the lightest shade and apply it over your eyelid. Then use the next colour in the eyelid crease. Finally, you should apply the essential colour which should be the darkest shade of eye shadow you have chosen.

When speaking about other makeup tips for blue eyes, brown eyeliners best harmonize your blue eyes because their warm shades highlight the gold specs in the iris. For a cool and modern look, contour your eyes using silver, gold, or copper – tones that look best with blue eyes.

If you have dark hair, you can use black mascara; as a rule, blondes with blue eyes look best with brown mascara. You can opt for black mascara when you want your eyes to be more emphasized, but it can be a bit inappropriate for daytime.

In order to fully understand the best and suitable for your makeup tips for blue eyes, you must experiment and see what works best for you.

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