Vegan Christmas recipe for a special dinner

What can be more beautiful than a cup of tea or coffee and a delicious dessert served with the whole family?

Vegan Christmas recipe for an unforgetable dinner

There is no dinner more special than the Christmas Dinner! If you eighth for a vegan dinner, we would recommend you to prepare a special homemade Christmas cake for dessert and believe, this is the most delicious vegan Christmas recipe you have ever tried!

It will take you around 2 hours to prepare this vegan Christmas recipe, but it will be amazingly tasty and everyone will rush for the second slice.

Homemade vegan cakes are better tasting than those bought even in the best place in city. You can also make a family tradition by preparing this vegan Christmas recipe involving your children in its preparation. Vegan desserts become very popular all over the world because are healthier than baking desserts, they do not contain butter or/and cream.

So are you ready to try this delicious vegan Christmas recipe?

Enjoy it with your whole family!!!

Vegan Christmas cake

Vegan Christmas recipe for an unforgetable dinner2

Ingredients: 250g flour, 300g sugar, 5 eggs, 250 g butter, 200g prunes, 50g candied fruit, 200g currants, 200g raisins, 200g mixed peel, 200g dried cranberries, 150 ml rum, 125 ml tawny port, 1 tbs. ground allspice, 1 tbs. nutmeg, salt.

1. Place candied fruits, chopped prunes and other dried fruits in a medium bowl. Pour over half the port and half the rum, then cover and leave to soak overnight.

2. The next day, preheat the oven to 150°C. Grease a form cake tin with butter and sprinkle a little flour. Mix the flour, nutmeg, allspice and a pinch of salt. In another bowl, beat the butter and sugar; add in the eggs, one by one. Stir in the soaked fruit, soaking liquid and fold in the flour mixture. Cook the cake for 2 hours. Mix the remaining port and rum, and then pour it over the cake while it’s still warm.

3. Separate the egg whites and place into a bowl. Whisk well until frothy. Sift the icing sugar into another bowl. Then gradually add it, mixing continuously, to the egg whites. Add lemon juice and beat the icing until stiff peaks form. Decorate the cake with the icing made.

Bon appétit and Merry Christmas! Why Christmas is just once a year?

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